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Once you’ve uploaded or hosted your website it is imperative to keep it regularly updated. It is very much like maintaining and/or servicing your brick-and-mortar shop so that customers keep coming in a constant stream. You’ll have to keep your site modernized in order to be in the good books of search engines. Search engines like Google and Yahoo puts a lot of premium on portals that keep track of the latest web updates as well as change their content periodically.

Secondly, you need to hold on to your steadfast customers on one hand and on the other rope in new prospects. So, for increasing your customer base, you’ll have to give constant evidence that you’re in business. That means replacing old content with fresh blogs and articles. Finally, you want to be seen and heard across social media platforms. Following are some tips on keeping your site relevant on a consistent basis.

Increase the number of menu pages

‘The more the merrier’ is a maxim that applies perfectly to websites and portals. In other words, if there is more content on your webpage or if you increase the number of pages, you increase your prospects of being more visible across the online world. Now, that doesn’t mean you’ll overdo it or you risk making your site irrelevant. Add more pages to your site and introduce content that is keywords specific to win a higher rank.

Add more testimonials and feedbacks of your customers

You wouldn’t want to place the testimonials of all your clients’ feedbacks on the site for propping up your portal but surely you can add more of those customers who offer positive feedbacks.

Make your site more visually appealing

There are umpteen users and customers who’re more interested in watching image galleries and videos than reading content. So do just that to improve your site’s SERP ranking.